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Hi, my name’s Natasha Conway, and I love Google Ads.

That sounded a lot more like the opening line of a guilty confession than I meant it to, but anyway…

It’s true. I love Google Ads, and that’s why, after several years working for an marketing agency, I made the decision to go it alone and set up TrafficSnap in 2015.

And I’ve never looked back.

Why? You’ve probably guessed it by now: because I love Google Ads.

I love the way that I can turn on a new campaign and start getting new leads for my clients within days.

I love the difference I can see in my clients’ businesses when they have a steady stream of enquiries to convert.

I love the power Google Ads has to allow an SME to compete with the big players in any industry.

And to be honest, I love helping my clients sell more stuff and forge a better existence for themselves and the people they love.

Thanks for visiting the website – I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you’ve ever got any questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call on 0121 206 2756, or email me personally at ppc@trafficsnap.co.uk.


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  • Turn it on

    The way to switch on ‘Google’s tap of customers’ and use it to make YOU money

  • Get Prospects

    How we can help you get prospects landing on your website, determined to buy what you have to offer

  • Transform

    How your business can be transformed, simply by turning Google Adwords on, and how you can help it create the lifestyle you want

  • Bespoke

    Why working with us, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ digital marketing agency’, can help you maximise your spend, generate more leads and get more customers

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  • ‘I left the session with tools that I could use straight away to improve the targeting of my Facebook marketing’

    Tash came to speak to us at our Buggyfit development day and was a mine of useful tips and inspiration. Very quickly, she got a handle of where most of us were at with regards to using Facebook ads and gave us so much information and help in a really short space of time. I left the session with tools that I could use straight away to improve the targeting of my Facebook marketing. Thanks so much Tash!

    Kate Smart – Kate Smart Fitness

    Kate Smart

    Kate Smart Fitness

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  • Our Case Studies

    It's always nice where there is a story behind a project and also when we can share the hard word that's gone into a campaigns success.

    We've worked on lots of projects with lots of different businesses. Take a look at our case studies where we'll explain the ins and outs of many of the campaigns we've worked on.

    If you want to read more about some of our projects, take a look here.

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