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A very unpredictable hobby of mine

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I’ve just cancelled Sky.

Why? It’s simple, Ryan and I just don’t watch it very much anymore.

When we do watch movies and TV shows, we’ll mostly do it online, using Amazon Prime and Netflix, and we’ve also made a concerted effort to spend less time in front of a screen, opting instead to take our dogs for long walks or oil painting (yes, I genuinely do oil painting!).

The long and short of it is that we’re watching less TV, and when we do watch, it’s via the internet, rather than a satellite.

I still want to watch my shows on the big screen though, which is why I’ve invested in an Amazon Fire Stick, meaning I can binge on Narcos from the comfort of my sofa.

So, here’s my point: what Ryan and I have done isn’t unusual.

In fact, it’s becoming the norm.

Normal TV is dying, with Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube taking its place.

I appreciate I’m not saying anything new, but the online revolution is something that we all need to be acutely aware of as we navigate the tricky waters of business over the next few years.

Traditional businesses like Sky, BT and Virgin will only survive if they’re able to ride this online wave – if they continue operating like they’ve always done, they’ll join a long list of businesses who simply didn’t understand the way consumer behaviour was changing.

Like Blockbuster. Or Kodak. Or Toys R Us.

You might think that Google and Facebook and the rest of the online world is big now, but it’s only going in one direction, with more pounds and pence spent on online advertising every day.

I urge you: if your customers are online, do what you need to do reach them. Because the longer you wait, the more chance you’ve got of being left behind.


P.S. Oh, and a little customer service tip – when I spoke to the Sky guy about why I was cancelling, and gave him the same reason I gave you, his response was a simple, curt, “Strange”.

Don’t be the ignorant salesperson who thinks that changing consumer behaviour is strange. Be the person that embraces the needs and buying habits of your customer and moves with the times.

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