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We make using TrafficSnap simple, efficient and transparent. We believe there are 5 KEY elements that make our Pay Per Click Management the right option for your business.

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  1. ROI is key icon
    ROI is Key

    We like to measure success through our customer’s target ROI! We use all the important statistics and invest hours into improving ROI and increasing campaign performance

  2. Conversion icon

    We like to see conversions! Ultimately, we are working to bring conversions your way. We want to make sure your visitors take an action that you care about so we track, monitor and measure what key areas of your campaign are bringing through conversions

  3. Reduce spend icon
    Reduce Spend

    We like to reduce what you pay! There are many factors that affect CPC and Spend. We have the right recipe to make sure when you do have to spend a penny or two, it’s the smallest amount possible. We track, measure and monitor your spends – so when we know where to spend your money, we spend it wisely. We look at your money as if we were dipping into our own bank accounts

  4. Innovation icon

    We like to dominate our industry! Our dedication to finding innovative ways of growing campaign success puts us ahead of the rest. There isn’t a day that goes by without us finding out something new about Pay Per Click trends that we can use to optimise your campaigns

  5. Transparency icon

    We like to be transparent! Communication with our clients is vital. It is the core of our business. Regular contact and bespoke reports that gets to the central nervous system of our work ensures all of our clients have clarity on their campaigns

  6. Now, there’s is a bit more to it then the above 5 points and we certainly know our onions. We’ll be using all our super powers to build a killer campaign for your business.

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  • ‘Natasha is passionate about not spending unless we’re getting trackable leads’

    Natasha’s attention to detail in making sure we track every conversion is second to none on whichever platform we are advertising on.

    Having worked with more than half a dozen paid for traffic companies in the past and unlike others Natasha is passionate about not spending our money unless we are getting trackable leads that are giving us a return on investment.

    When others have just looked for ways to spend a budget all Natasha cares about is the quality of the leads she brings in within your budget.

    Always looking for different audiences for us to advertise to is another strength of Natasha’s

    Ian Redding – Buckingham Ford

    Ian Redding

    Buckingham & Bicester Ford

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