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  • ‘I had very mixed feelings about using Facebook’

    I had very mixed feelings about using FB ads on a platform that looks very noisy. Natasha was brilliant at educating me on the philosophy of FB ads; the primary driver being transparency and clarity of the call to action – which helped me me put my limiting beliefs to one side.

    Natasha walked me through the ‘how to’ on FB advertising, made it very easy for me to understand the ‘why’ and ‘the how to’ of the process. It has been a steep learning curve but not at all difficult to grasp. I’ve had a couple of follow up sessions with Natasha too where we analysed how the adverts performed and grasped the deeper insights of my ideal audience.

    FB advertising is now a viable and attractive proposition for me to use. Very grateful to Natasha for her patience and expertise to get me started.

    Michelle Galbraith – Reflexology Farnham UK

    Michelle Galbraith

    Reflexology Farnham UK

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