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Bathroom Installation Services – Wilmslow

Based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, Bathroom Installation Services is a first class supplier and installer of bathroom, shower, cloak and wet rooms.


Aaron and his team have used pay-per-click for years, and it’s been the one pillar that has consistently delivered leads for them.

However, they were starting to find it harder to qualify the right sort of people on Google Ads, leading to a lot of the wrong sorts of leads, and a lot of wasted time on site visits that didn’t convert.


We worked with Aaron on our Done With You service, helping to train him on Google Ads whilst steadily working together to improve his account.

Firstly, we worked together to re-haul all of his conversion tracking so he could pinpoint the exact keywords, ads and demographics that were driving leads through his website.

Then we implemented a tracking software called Ruler Analytics, which helps him attribute direct ROI to his PPC.

This helped Aaron to grow his own confidence in the platform and show him the exact order values that were coming from Google.

Additionally, we worked together to refine his campaigns so that his budget was being spent in the key areas rather than with the previous scatter gun approach.

We have seen a decrease in leads.  Yep, a decrease.

But importantly, we’ve seen an increase in the quality of leads and Aaron has personally fed back that the quality of site surveys he goes to now are much better quality.

The result is a higher conversion rate from survey to order, all whilst being able to track what has come directly from Google.


I can already see the difference in quality of lead I am dealing with

I have worked with TrafficSnap for a few months now and can already see the difference in quality of lead I am dealing with. This is so much better for me running the business and carrying out site surveys as I know my visits will be worth my time as the quality of the enquiry is much better. Natasha breaks down the Google Ads platform so that I have a very good understanding of what we’re focusing on and what needs to be done when working on the account myself. I have noticed a big difference in her approach vs other larger agencies that I have worked with. Natasha has a big focus on the quality of the leads, which naturally means we have a lower volume of higher quality leads. But I would rather spend my money on people coming to the site who I have a chance of converting into business. Our plans are to roll out our campaigns wider geographically, which will hopefully bring in a similar positive ROI

Aaron Dronsfield

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