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A supplier of world-leading Datakey memory products, experts in application knowledge with an exceptional track record, Nexus is the proven partner for rugged and secure portable memory for electronic device manufacturers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia.


Due to the specific nature of this product, there was a lot of research into how terms like USB could be contained within a search so we could prevent those searching for general use USB sticks vs engineers looking for a secure, solid data key.

There has been specific tests using a variation of keywords and then also testing different call to actions and lead magnets on the pages we were directing the traffic to.

It was important for us to carry out split testing to identify which selection of keywords generated the better quality of traffic and then which landing page and it’s call to action resulted in a higher conversion rate.


As a result of our testings we have narrowed down our keywords for a specific selection of terms and have identified which call to action has been most successful.

We also introduced another level of tracking using “Ruler Analytics” which has allowed us more transparency to pass over to the client.


“I’ve spoken with other agencies in the past who haven’t provided the clarity that Natasha did”

Natasha was our go to PPC lady when we knew we needed a health check on the account and some advice on where to start improving account performance. We only had a 1 hour phone call and it was very clear that she is very knowledgeable in this area. Natasha’s explanations of why focussing on key areas within our PPC account was so important made massive sense and really helped us to understand why we were doing certain things.

 She made several recommendations on where to start and logically helped us clear out anything that hadn’t been working for the last 6 months. This was a massive help, without this advice we would not have known where to start. From our conversation, we got to a place where we were able to start working on refining the account further and correctly focus our traffic.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to AdWords and I’ve spoken with other agencies in the past who haven’t provided the clarity that Natasha did. We’re currently working on some more recommended changes and are very excited to see how this will affect our ROI

Micheal Barrett – Nexus

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