Outdoor Play People are passionate about helping their customers achieve the right play area for them. They specialise in going out of our way to meet our customer’s needs and wishes whilst ensuring they are accomplished within budget.

From their initial contact and green/brownfield site visit, all the way through to a completed play area and beyond, they strive to build trusted, long lasting relationships.

Nothing is more fulfilling to them than creating awe-inspiring play areas that have their customers, the children that play on the equipment, and the team at Outdoor Play gushing with excitement and pride.

They specialise in proving outdoor play equipment for commercial establishments.

Their PPC Marketing:

Owner at Outdoor Play People, Cathy Craddock, hadn’t used PPC marketing before. She’s known about it for a while and gotten to know me at networking events that we both attended as part of the same membership group.

We took some time at one event to sit down and have a 1:1 together to discuss the possibilities off Google PPC.At that time, we discussed how PPC could be potentially beneficial for Outdoor Play People. With some market research and consideration around making sure we speak to the right people looking (anyone searching for outdoor play equipment for commercial/industrial use) rather than a parent/someone looking for garden play equipment, Cathy was confident enough to spend some budget over a couple of months to test AdWods.

Outdoor Play People wanted a campaign that was refined and optimised to bring through consistent high-quality website visitors with the intention of the visitor to get in touch to request a conversion about the equipment.


We crafted a super focused campaign with keywords and adverts engineered to attract searchers in the B2B space.

We have worked within the account to reduce Cathy’s cost per click by implementing a campaign following all Google Best Practice requirements which means we get to rank higher up the search network at lower costings than normal.

We’ve got a wealth of negative keywords protecting Cathy’s account from any wasted spend and we are optimising Cathy’s account with testing keywords, ads, devices and times of the day/days of the week. We constantly use Googles testing system to make sure we’re presenting the right ads, that gain the most conversions and testing our keywords to find the right combination of conversions at the lowest cost.


This strategy proved effective, delivering amazing result for Cathy. Coming up to a normally quiet time of year from the business, Cathy has got in touch to say:

“Well we have certainly been seeing some results off the back of the campaign. Definitely a lot more quotes needing to go out at a time of year that is normally dead quiet, and they are quality enquiries coming in. Thank you and well done!!”

Cathy took a leap of faith using AdWords, but it has certainly resulted in bringing her good quality business. Long may her positive results continue.



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