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Should I Be Using Google Ads?

Often I’m talking about the mechanics and philosophy of using Google Ads and how to get the best out of your account, but this month I thought I’d tackle a more fundamental question: “Should I be using Google Ads?”  You see, in many ways, this is the foundational first question that we all need to… Read More »<span.....

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Could “Showrooming” Destroy Your Business?

Showrooming. It’s been happening since we could get Internet on our phones, and with the advent of 4G, it’s only become more prevalent. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, then give me a second, and I’ll explain: Showrooming is the process of using a retail outlet as a ‘showroom’ to investigate and… Read More »<span.....

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Champagne on lemonade money

X Factor finished at the weekend. I don’t watch it, but it’s been in my consciousness because it’s been all over the news. And you know what else has been in my consciousness as a result? Just Eat. They’re the show’s sponsors, which means they get a huge amount of coverage all the way through… Read More »<span.....

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When a Buyer isn’t the Right Buyer

As we all know, not all buyers are created equal. Some are highly price sensitive, and will shop around looking for the cheapest deal they can find. Others are the complete opposite – they want the best of the best and they’ll pay a premium for it. And, of course, there are loads more buyers… Read More »<span.....

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TV But Cheaper

Remember the days when television advertising was booming? All the big brands would buy minutes and minutes of advertising, every single day, because that was where the audience’s attention was. And by and large, those television ads weren’t particularly ‘direct response’. In fact, the majority of them were what you’d call ‘brand awareness’ ads –… Read More »<span.....

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Dynamic Ads

If you’ve been running Adwords for a while, you may well have come across something called “dynamic search ads”. Google may have been adding recommendations to use these ad formats in your dashboard, making it much easier for you to start using them, so I thought I’d just drop out a quick note to make… Read More »<span.....

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