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Cricket and DiCaprio

What do Inception, the laws of cricket and Google Ads all have in common?


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Important and overlooked

I’m often asked what the single most important Google Ads metric is. And it’s difficult to answer. Impressions, cost per click and cost per conversion are all key of course, but it’s only when you combine multiple statistics that you can get a true picture of how well an account is performing. However, there is… Read More »<span.....

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Why Your Paid Traffic Campaign is DOOMED To Failure

(If You Don’t Get The Basics Right) I LOVE paid traffic. I LOVE running Google Ads for people, getting them leads and customers. But there is one thing Idon’tlove about it, and that’s the tendency of some business owners to think that as soon as they add paid traffic to their business, they’ll automatically be… Read More »<span.....

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Traffic, but not what you think

As you know, I spend a lot of time talking about “traffic”. Usually it’s the paid variety though. But at the weekend, I was reminded of where the term I use every day actually came from. Ryan and I escaped down to Cornwall on Friday. I knew it was a long way, but I wasn’t… Read More »<span.....

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A very unpredictable hobby of mine

I’ve just cancelled Sky. Why? It’s simple, Ryan and I just don’t watch it very much anymore. When we do watch movies and TV shows, we’ll mostly do it online, using Amazon Prime and Netflix, and we’ve also made a concerted effort to spend less time in front of a screen, opting instead to take… Read More »<span.....

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Wonky Teeth

Back in 2016 my teeth were going wonky. So I decided to do something about it. I booked a consultation and got some braces fitted for the second time in my life. Thankfully people are a little kinder when you get to your 30s then they are at school, so was spared the ‘metal mouth’… Read More »<span.....

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Competition is hotting up

Imagine a world where you didn’t have ANY competitors. No one selling the same thing to the same audience. Life would be pretty good, right? But here’s a reality check: that’s never going to happen. Which means that as long as you run a business, you’re going to be competing against other businesses. And in… Read More »<span.....

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