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Competition is hotting up

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Imagine a world where you didn’t have ANY competitors. No one selling the same thing to the same audience.

Life would be pretty good, right?

But here’s a reality check: that’s never going to happen.

Which means that as long as you run a business, you’re going to be competing against other businesses.

And in the world of Adwords, that can make life a lot more difficult.

You see, if you were the only business bidding on a specific keyword, everything would be a whole lot easier.

You’d just set up some ads; run some traffic to a landing page and watch the cash start rolling in.

But unless you’re selling something that no one else is, that won’t be your experience – you’ll have a whole bunch of other businesses bidding on the same keywords, which can make running a successful Adwords account not only difficult, but more expensive too.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

You see, there is a way to access crucial information about the other advertisers bidding on your keywords; information that can have a profound impact on your ability to beat them at the Adwords game.

You can find out exactly WHO is bidding on the same keywords as you.

You can see exactly HOW MUCH traffic they’re getting from Google and how it compares to your level of traffic.

And most importantly, you can then do research into these competitors, discover exactly what they’re offering, and use that to make your offer, your landing pages and your overall proposition better.

You see, Adwords is ‘just’ a media.  Even the best Adwords campaign in the world will fail if it’s being driven to a weaker product or service, or a vastly inferior landing page.

To succeed long term, you need the whole puzzle, not just one piece, and that’s why finding out exactly what your competitors are doing is a smart and sensible thing to do, on a regular basis.

If you want to know EXACTLY how to do what I’ve just outlined above, get in touch and we’ll jump on a short 10-minute call where I’ll walk you through it.


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