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How To Squeeze More Out Of An Adwords Account That Works

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I wanted to share something slightly different with you in this post.

Because – quite often – the content I share is about the mistakes that people make when it comes to Google Adwords.

But today, I’m asking the question:

“What if everything is going swimmingly with your Adwords account? What do you do then?”

When your AdWords campaign is performing well, it’s very easy to rest on your laurels and conclude that you don’t need to do anything else.

And in some cases, that’s the case.

But in ALL cases, continuing to refine your campaign will pay dividends.

In other words, it’s never complete.

So with that in mind, I thought I’d just share a few advanced things you can look to do over the next few weeks and months, if your Adwords account is already getting good conversions:

Call Only

The future is mobile, we all know that.  But a lot of advertisers don’t pay attention to this fact, neglecting to create ‘call only’ ads that allow prospects to phone you with just two clicks.

If you’re not doing this, you’re reducing the user experience for your prospects and leaving money on the table.

Let’s Get Conditional…

If you’re using keywords that are DEFINITELY the right keywords, but you’re getting a lot of clicks that don’t result in conversions, then it might be worth trying ‘conditional’ keywords.

Why?  Because a lot of your clicks might be from people who are seeking information as opposed to people who are ready to buy.

By adding a condition to your keyword, you reduce the likelihood of erroneous clicks.

Here’s an example: say you’re an accountant in Ascot, you work with SMEs and you’re trying to get clicks for the keyword ‘accountant’, you might be better off targeting conditionalkeywords like “Accountant for small business” or “SME accountant”. These people will be further down the sales funnel and looking for a specific accountant, and will be more likely to buy as a result.

“Near Me”

This one is often overlooked.  A lot of people use words like “near me” and “nearby” in their search results, but most advertisers don’t take this into account.  Adding a ‘near me’ campaign gives you a great chance of grabbing traffic with less competition.

Long Tail For The Win 

The more specific you can make your keywords, the better qualified your prospect will be when they land on your page, and – crucially – the less competition you’ll have for that keyword, reducing your cost and potentially increasing your conversion.

Spy On Your Competitors To Find High Converting Pages

Landing page optimisation is part science, part art. It requires more than just technical expertise, you’ve got understand marketing and sales psychology too.

But I’ll level with you: sometimes it’s hard.

There is good news though: there’s a simple way to see what a high converting landing page for your industry looks like: use a spy tool.

Tools like SpyFu allow you to look at your competitors’ landing pages AND their ads stretching back over the last 9 years.  You’ll get a good idea of how long they’ve been using both the ads and the landing pages for – if it’s for a long time, it’s because they work.

Right, I think that’s enough to be going on with – if you want to talk about any of these elements, or you need help to implement them, just drop me a line at

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