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Expanded Text Ads vs Responsive Search Ads

Google Search campaigns have changed – here’s what you need to know From summer 2022, Expanded Text Ads are out and Responsive Search Ads are in – they’re now the default ad type when you’re creating ads for a search campaign. It’s good news, responsive ads will give you streamlined account management, better optimisation and… Read More »<span.....

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Smart or standard

We’ve taken on two new clients who were making the same mistake with their PPC recently. You see, when it comes to mixing ecommerce and PPC, Google gives you two options: Smart Shopping and Standard Shopping campaigns. One of them could end up costing your business a lot – now or in the future. It’s… Read More »<span.....

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Debunking the biggest Google Ads myth

When it comes to getting started with Google Ads, there’s one big fat misconception LOADS of people seem to believe. In this 2-minute micropod, I dispel the myth, and let you know the MOST important thing to remember when you’re getting to grips with PPC, and how you can charm Google into showing your ads… Read More »<span.....

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Pushing my buttons

If you’ve ever struggled with Google Ads in the past, I hear you. …Which is why I’ve cut out a couple of minutes from a podcast I recently recorded, all about how complicated Ads can be, and how to really get the most out of them.


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Feet up, Netflix on… Or not

You can set up the most attractive banners in the world, but if you’re putting them in the wrong place, they’re probably not going to work. Like on gaming sites for example, where users have come to chill out and have fun, certainly not to buy. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to exclude certain content within… Read More »<span.....

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Do you have Google’s golden ticket?

Google is always improving its offering, especially when it comes to PPC. But there’s one particular feature that often flies under the radar. It’s called Customer Match – a more advanced way of building relationships with our customers. So, what’s the crack? In essence, Customer Match allows us to create, target and even exclude customers from a tailor-made user list. From the list, you can engage… Read More »<span.....

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How Do You Put Them Off?

You might think that the more people hitting your website, the better.  But what if they’re the wrong people?  I’m wanted to share some key techniques for repelling the wrong traffic while warmly welcoming your target customer. When you first get started in business, a website is usually pretty close to the top of the list… Read More »<span.....

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Does The Perfect Google Ads Campaign Exist?

I’ve never seen a perfect Google Ads campaign, and there’s a simple reason why: Things can always get better.  That’s why I spend so much time tweaking, refining and improving my client’s campaigns. But while I don’t think the “perfect” Google Ads campaign exists, I can tell you for certain that there are A LOT… Read More »<span.....

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Answer the public

If you have a Google Ads account with live traffic coming through, or, if you have an agency managing your account, you should  be either looking at or receiving a search term report each month so you can analyse the searches that you’ve been paying for. Then from this report, you’ll be able to decide… Read More »<span.....

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At what cost?

It’s a question that I am asked time and time again and it’s one that I find quite hard to answer if the truth be told. The reason for that is that there is no set answer. The question is “what budget do I need?”. If you’ve followed me for a while now, you’ll know I… Read More »<span.....

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