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Pivoting your call to action

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I don’t know about you, but it does feel like there is a little bit more calm in the air than there was last week.

Understandably, seven days ago it felt like pretty much everyone was in panic stations, with a lot to sort out and a lot still up in the air.

Now, most of us are working from home if we’re able, staff that need to be furloughed have been and the announcement from the Chancellor will have taken care of vast numbers of self-employed (although I am well aware that it won’t suit all of us).

A week or so in, it seems most of us are adapting to something of a “new normal”, and it was lovely to participate in the 8pm clap for the NHS last Thursday – it helped remind me that we are all in this together.

So, what does the new normal look like for you when it comes to marketing your business?

It largely depends.

Some industries have seen a decline in their traffic volumes and general prospect activity, others have remained stable, while others have absolutely skyrocketed.

On a general level, with valuable data insights from Google and the anecdotal information from the accounts I manage, traffic volume generally hasn’t gone down.

And if you’re fortunate enough to have traffic, then it’s important to capitalise on it in the best way you can at this present time, which might not be the way you usually do.

For example, if a restaurant still has relevant traffic, then it clearly can’t encourage people to come in and book.

But if people are browsing, then you’ll still want to capture their data, so you can shift your call to action to a free dessert voucher for when they next come in.

Or if you offer a service you can’t deliver right now, focus on getting people to download a guide and build a relationship with them until you can deliver the service.

You get the gist – pivoting your call to action will help you to keep marketing, and keep engaging, giving you the best chance of hitting the ground running when everything goes back to (old) normal.

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