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Bing and Yahoo might get fewer hits than Google, but they still account for 400 million searches every day, and that’s rather a lot!

Microsoft Ads, AdWords, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Pay Per Click Management with TrafficSnap.

Microsoft Ads: the secret weapon in Google’s shadow

If people are actively looking for the thing you sell, you could have just as much success using Microsoft Ads on Bing as you already do on Google. 

With the right team, the right target market and the right campaign, it’s more than possible to experience fantastic ROI and make a lot more sales through Bing… But what is it?

Bing’s the default search engine for Windows Cortana Voice Search, Windows 10 and Office products like Outlook, which explains why a high proportion of Bing searches are done on desktop.

The general demographic is slightly more affluent, slightly more educated and slightly older than your standard Googler, with an average age of 45. 

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Think office employee who’s never bothered to change the default search engine on their work desktop.

Bing users are a little bit more married than Google searchers too! In fact, 46% of Bing users have got a spouse, while 30% have kids at home.

If you’re sensing your ideal customer is among this demographic, then part of the targeting process has already been done for you, and you just need to activate your Microsoft Ads on Bing to get their attention.

Reality check: not everybody uses Google.

You might not target the whole world, but you can still reach more people who want your product or service.

Bing’s share of the desktop search market is only 10% within the UK’s borders, which means your ads aren’t going to reach the whole world.

But they are going to reach a lot of people, as long as those people are searching for what you sell.

Bing regularly attracts between 850 million and a billion unique monthly visitors globally,

and that 10% of all UK Internet search traffic equates to millions of users every day,

So if people are searching for the thing you sell and you’re not using Microsoft Ads for Bing, you’re potentially missing out on a significant source of revenue.

If we think you can reach more of your ideal customer and generate more leads using Microsoft Ads, we’ll help you do it. And if we don’t think it’s the platform for you, we’ll tell you! Give us a call on 0121 206 2756 to find out whether Bing Ads are a good idea for your business.

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The benefits of Done For You Microsoft Ads with TrafficSnap

Lower CPCs

Cheaper bids result in more traffic, more clicks and more conversions.

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Untapped audience

Connect with thousands of users every day who are unreachable on Google.


Tighter targeting

Drill down using search demographics for more control over your campaign.


Performance tracking

Keep a tight rein on your budget by understanding what’s working at every step.

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“We’ve been a very happy TrafficSnap customer for just over 2 years, and they’ve added a huge amount of value to our businesses using Google AdWords and Microsoft Ads.

“When it comes to paid traffic, they really know what they’re doing, and have delivered results across various businesses, including sports betting and publishing.

“The service is highly efficient, great value and totally transparent; a stark contrast to a lot of the other paid traffic agencies out there.

“They keep me in the loop every step of the way, informing us about the success of our campaigns and the returns we get, without bamboozling us with jargon that we don’t understand.

“The team at TrafficSnap is highly responsive, quick to answer questions and always available for a chat to ensure we’re working towards our shared goals.

“If you want to drive targeted traffic for your business and generate a great return on investment, I’d highly recommend giving TrafficSnap a call and finding out more.”

John Lamerton

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