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The law of attraction

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If you’re advertising certain services that could also lead to a high volume of people who are searching for information purposes only, it can be difficult as you may end up paying for traffic that will never lead to a sale as the person only wanted to find out a certain piece of information and then get on with their day.

We find a lot of these situations happen in B2C service based businesses.

For example, Alison’s neighbour is building an extension next door and Alison is looking online to do with party wall information. She doesn’t want to engage a legal representative, she just wants information. She goes to Google and sees a solicitor advertising party wall services, she clicks the ad, realises the website is tailored to engage with people who need a solicitor and leaves. The solicitor has paid £4 for the click for Alison to get to the site and leave she didn’t want a solicitor, she wanted information.

This is a common situation for a lot of industries and I’d like to give you some practical tips on how you can try and work around this happening.

In terms of people who may just be ‘information’ searching – you should always try and do is incorporate what I like to call “attraction and repel” within your ads.

By this I mean, making sure you set the expectation in the ads that you want people to take action from the ad, being clear the advert is for people with a specific need.

This can be done by the tone of the ads, what information you incorporate about the service in the ads and the ad extensions and then the call to action.

You could argue that at some point these informational searches may turn into people actually looking for legal services, however, remember, you’re paying for your PPC traffic and spending money on a click, you want it to be from a click looking services and not information gathering.

Obviously, we cannot control what anyone does in terms of what they click and their reasons for doing so, but we can make sure your ads are built in a way to try and set the expectation that if someone clicks through your ad it’s because they need legal services.

So remember:

What tone are you setting in your ads? Be clear, tell the person seeing the ad exactly what you’re advertising.

Are you utilising all your ad extensions? Ad extensions form a key part of the advert. They enable you to build larger, more informative adverts, meaning you can go even further in qualifying someone seeing your services.

What’s your call to action? As part of best practices, all adverts need a clear and concise call to action that matches the action on the landing page. If someone sees your ad and you’re telling them the next step is to request a quote, hopefully, if they only want information, they’ll pass your ad and you won’t pay the £4 for them to click and bounce off. Save the £4’s for the people who need your services.

Hope that’s helpful but if you want to talk more about attraction and repel, get in touch.


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