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When the sun isn’t shining

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Even for those of us that can crack on from home, the lockdowns this year have been super tough.

For the businesses directly affected, who’ve had no choice but to temporarily shut, it’s been even more difficult.

But if you’ve been affected by the pandemic, I hope you can take some comfort from what one of our clients has been doing to store up hay, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Lucie runs The Laser Lounge in Salford Quays and provides hair removal services to her clients.

Or at least she did, before she was required to shut – after all, if anyone can’t socially distance or work remotely it’s a hair removal clinic!

But what Lucie understands is that life will go on beyond lockdown, and that people still want her services, even if they can’t access them right now.

It would have been easy for Lucie to switch off her Google Ads account; after all, she can’t see any clients right now.

She hasn’t done that though.

Instead, she’s used a powerful combination of paid search and display targeting to remind her prospects that she exists, explain why she’s the right option for them and invite them to book in for a consultation once lockdown eases.

The result is that Lucie’s quickly filling up her order book for the next few months, meaning that as soon as she’s able to, she can hit the ground running and start generating proper revenue again.

Whatever you’re selling, remember that people still want and need what you have to offer, and even if they can’t have it right now, marketing to them ensures that when they can buy, they’re most likely to buy from you.


P.S. Here’s a little snippet of what Lucie had to say about working with us:

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