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Wonky Teeth

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Back in 2016 my teeth were going wonky.

So I decided to do something about it.

I booked a consultation and got some braces fitted for the second time in my life.

Thankfully people are a little kinder when you get to your 30s then they are at school, so was spared the ‘metal mouth’ and ‘brace face’ comments, but nevertheless, it was still nice when they came off 12 months later.

Not only that, but my mouth felt amazing, with a couple of rows of super straight teeth.

The trouble was, as my orthodontist told me with a stern look on his/her face, my teeth wouldn’t stay like that unless I continued to wear a retainer every night.

Which I did, dutifully.  For at least three months.

But then, over time, I started to fall out of the habit of it, and as my teeth started to move, the retainer started to feel more uncomfortable, and I stopped using it.

The long and short of it is that a year after my brace came off, my teeth have moved.

Sure, they’re not quite as wonky as they once were, but they’re well on their way.

It’s very rare in life that you can get consistently good results with no maintenance.

In an ideal world, I could have just got the brace, let it do its work and then take it off, never to think about it again.

But that’s not reality, and neither is it the reality in online advertising, particularly Google Ads.

You might think that when you’re setting up a Google Ads campaign that you just need to do the work once, get it live and then leave it.

After all, it’s the same keywords, the same ads, the same landing page – surely it’ll just continue to spit out the same results?

The reality is very different.  For a start, you’ve got Google’s algorithm to contend with.

Then you’ve got changes in the market – different trends, competing bidders and so on and so forth

The long and short of it is that unless you maintain your Google Ads campaign, it’ll gradually become less effective over time, so I urge you: if you’re relying on Google to get you customers, take time regularly to maintain your account, or you’ll end up with a retainer that doesn’t fit and a set of wonky teeth.


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